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Author, Stitch, Stream, Display, Revel

Modern Caption Authoring

Scribe accepts ALL major video file formats, exports caption files, edits efficiently, and offers a "ProStitch" option for embedding in master production formats.

Automated Encoding

Captions, meet Video - CCPlay FilePro provides desktop, server, and cloud interfaces to automate encoding, QC, and Caption Legalization in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MXF, and more.

How EEG Works for You

Create, Edit, and Browse Caption Files

Deliver Results with Security and Confidence

Stitch Caption Tracks to Any Media Format

Closed Captioning Solutions for Post Production

Broadcast and streaming media are converging. New formats for deliverables are requested daily. Requirements for captioning are stricter while budgets stay the same. At EEG, we understand the challenges of delivering exceptional content that is also accessible, compliant, and on time.