Courier helps video producers source and manage offline captioning through a secure cloud network linked to iCap. Upload video files to any registered contractor, with built-in transcoding and security features. Get completed captioning work fast with a report from our automated Quality Assurance process, or automatically stitch back into the original master asset on your playout server.

Courier's open network and standardized tools support our customers in getting the best quality, rates, and turnaround times from the industry's leading caption service providers.

What is Courier?

Courier is a secure, cloud driven, network for uploading and exchanging media proxies for closed captioning. Our modern workflow offers built-in transcoding, watermarking, lightning fast file transfers, full content protection, and automatic progress notifications that you control remotely. Simply upload your content and assign to ANY transcriber to be streamed or downloaded for captioning. All permissions are controlled by you in the cloud! Completed jobs can then be reviewed, approved, and stitched to the master video file for air or distribution. Sign up today!

Usage Based Pricing

Basic Tier

$55 / month

  • 1 GB Proxy Uploads per month
  • Unlimited Compliance Checking

Pro Tier

$220 / month

  • 5 GB Proxy Uploads per month
  • Unlimited Compliance Checking

Ultra Tier

$995 / month

  • 25 GB Proxy Uploads per month
  • Unlimited Compliance Checking

Pay As You Go

$0.08 / MB

  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Usage Pricing