October 16, 2017 / By David Weiss

Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards: We're in the Finals!

EEG makes it to the finalist round for the Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards!


October 11, 2017 / By Dave Watts

IBM Cloud Video: Adding Captions to Your Live Stream without Infrastructure

Attention IBM Cloud Video / Ustream users - Need captions for your live stream but don't have a caption encoder onsite? This support article offers a play by play for using EEG Falcon in tandem with IBM Cloud Video to source and encode captions to your live stream.


October 10, 2017 / By Dave Watts

Upcoming EEG Events - Fall 2017

Stop by the EEG booth at one of our upcoming East and West coast shows this fall and speak to a caption technology expert!


September 11, 2017 / By David Watts

EEG nominated for Streaming Media's Readers' Choice Awards

Vote for EEG under the "Closed Captioning Solution" category and automatically enter to win a Kodak PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera!


August 1, 2017 / By David Weiss

Pomeranec Media Moves Fast with EEG's iCap System

Founded by brothers Diego and Pablo Pomeranec in 2016, Pomeranec Media depend on EEG’s iCap, the world’s largest closed captioning and subtitled delivery network, to make captioning fast and efficient.