April 20, 2017 / By EEG

Major Upgrade to EEG Falcon at NAB Show 2017

Content providers can now uplink their full stream directly to the Falcon servers on eegcloud.tv, and captions from any iCap captioner will be embedded directly into the video stream. The fully captioned video stream is then passed directly into the ingest URL for the customer’s video platform of choice where it can be accessed by viewers.


April 12, 2017 / By EEG

iCaptioner Profile: Deanna Baker, RMR, FAPR

You never know when someone will inspire you to go in a new direction. For Deanna Baker, RMR, FAPR, what looked to be a lifelong career in court reporting took an unexpected turn two-plus decades ago.


April 7, 2017 / By Dave Watts

SVG Q&A: Bill McLaughlin on the Future of Closed Captioning

Cloud-based captioning has opened up new ways to get the job done


March 24, 2017 / By David Watts

EEG to Introduce Lexi, Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Captioning, at NAB 2017

Affordable Cloud-Hosted ASR Captioning Service Accessed On-demand through EEG Products Addresses Emergency Live Captioning, Teleprompter Data Gaps, & Other Compliance Issues.


February 16, 2017 / By Dave Watts

EEG adds Support for DVB Standards to iCap Alta

Software-Driven ATSC-Format Live Captioning / Subtitling Platform Expands Footprint to Provide Europe, the UK, and Other DVB Markets with a Modern Subtitling Solution for Live IP Video Workflows