April 25, 2018

EEG in Corporate AV Accessibility Feature for Systems Contractor News


EEG was recently featured in the Systems Contactor News article "Removing the Barrier: Making Corporate AV Accessible For All", by David Weiss. The piece covers the evolution of captioning and accessibility technologies as they apply specifically to AV applications and offers up some AV captioning scenarios for consideration by integrators looking to implement cost-effective solutions for their corporate clients.

Our own Dave Watts is quoted in the article - “Most major organizations are looking into accommodations now or have them already. Last year we helped a tech giant in Seattle deliver live captions to about 100 meeting rooms across five cities for a large corporate summit they had planned. The EEG encoders used for the project were virtual, which kept their costs down and also allowed them to implement the solution with very little lead time as there was no hardware to ship."

Click HERE to read the full article on the AV Network Website.