February 6, 2019

Introducing iCap Translate for Multilanguage AI Captioning


Farmingdale, NY – February 6, 2019: EEG, the leader in closed captioning technology, has announced the availability of iCap Translate A new automatic caption translation service that enables real-time captioning from English into multiple languages, iCap Translate makes global reach easy and efficient for content creators, live event producers and more.


The latest AI-based application from EEG Cloud Services, iCap Translate allows users of EEG’s iCap cloud solution to instantly translate to and from English language captions into as many as seven different languages. Available languages for iCap Translate are constantly expanding, and currently include English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Danish.


Using iCap Translate, broadcasters, streaming content creators, live event producers and more can easily translate their captions into multiple languages, bolstering their multinational effectiveness and accessibility. After being delivered into an EEG HD492 iCap encoder or Falcon, the translated captions can be derived from any source of first language data including live stenographer captions, users of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions such as EEG’s Lexi, pre-recorded captions in the video, or teleprompters.


With its cost-effective pricing, iCap Translate effectively eliminates barriers to multilingual presentation for content creators, live events, corporate, municipal, educational, and other users. iCap Translate provides a high degree of accuracy and quick setup, ensuring a seamless experience for high-visibility productions such as corporate events looking to provide captioning of a CEO’s speech to multiple offices worldwide.


Audiences can benefit from the multilingual captions by being made aware of their availability, then selecting the appropriate CC channel on their TV or Web player. The resulting archived transcriptions can also be made readily available for local languages directly following the event.


As media, events, and business become increasingly globalized, content creators require an expanded communications toolset,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG. “Beyond facilitating accessibility for the hard of hearing, iCap Translate is also a highly convenient way to transcend language barriers, shape content and live events on an international scale, and generate diversified archives.”