May 29, 2019

Highlights from SME 2019


Hosted in New York City, this year’s Streaming Media East show featured exhibitors and speakers from all over the world who gathered to learn and share about exciting digital media trends. EEG was an exhibitor, featuring product demonstrations and new releases.

Read on to learn about our most talked-about products at SME 2019.

Lexi Automatic Captioning

While closed captioning has been a standard expectation in television for many years, streaming media is just beginning to catch up, especially for live content. Lexi Automatic Captioning, EEG’s pay-as-you-go cloud-administered live workflow, solves the live streamer’s two key captioning pain points of high costs and labor-intensive operations.

“The Lexi Automated Captioning System,” says John Voorheis, EEG’s Director of Sales, “is a great way of providing cost-efficient, low-latency accessibility. Lexi is ideal for captioning content that might not otherwise be accessible to viewers who don't have the option of listening to audio.”

Lexi is compatible with streaming and SDI caption inserter products from EEG and other iCap partners for simple, high-impact captioning across a range of platforms.


EEG’s live stream caption inserter, Falcon, adds captions in real-time to any live RTMP or RTMPS stream. The captions can be created from live audio automatically with Lexi Automatic Captioning, or for specialty topics and large-volume events, connected with any human stenocaptioner operating over the iCap network.

Compatible platforms and players for the display of Falcon captions include Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Wowza, JWPlayer, and more. Falcon captions are also recorded on these platforms for later VOD viewing at no additional cost.

In education, government, and entertainment, Falcon removes barriers to increasing audiences and meeting WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and other standards promoting or even requiring closed captioning for live video.

“Closed captions benefit many individuals outside of those with hearing impairment,” says Voorheis, “and this is especially true for streaming media. For an affordable activation and monthly fee, video producers are well on their way to making video content fully accessible to all users.”

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