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November 12, 2020

EEG Video Releases Instances for Lexi Family of Automatic Captioning Solutions


We have introduced Instances, a template of settings that can be utilized when creating captioning jobs with Lexi Automatic Captioning and Lexi Local.

This capability is part of the newest Scheduling feature. Available for both automatic captioning solutions, Scheduling is a powerful new workflow enhancement that makes it easy to schedule, monitor, and manage automatic captioning. 

Scheduling further streamlines Lexi workflows with the new Instances capability. Lexi users can employ Instances to create a template for easy duplication of settings across different sessions. These settings include language, Topic Models, Access Codes, caption appearance, and more, all which are applied to desired sessions when saved as an Instance. For users whose broadcasts, streams, or live events are not likely to change settings, Instances save users time during setup while also reducing the chance of error.     

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