December 30, 2020

2020: A Year in Review


We’ve reached the end of another year, and what a year this has been.

Before we close the chapter on 2020, let’s take a look back at the positive notes hit by EEG Video and our customers. First, however, thank you for being with us throughout a most unusual year: Let’s all look ahead to captioning innovation together in 2021!

Online Events

When the NAB Show was (sadly) cancelled, we pivoted to delivering virtual experiences through webinars and online meetings. We were glad to see such an enthusiastic response to this new format.

First, we hosted a month of virtual events in April, where we shared our latest captioning advances for broadcasting, live events, online communications, and more through webinars and one-on-one live demos. Attendees got the first look at our Lexi Local and iCap Local on-prem captioning solutions, expanded offerings for EEG’s Alta Live IP Video Software Caption Encoder, an updated AV610 Live Captioning Display, and new features for our Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Caption Encoder.

That kicked off a year-long slate of well-attended live webinars. Our captioning experts met with audiences to cover a range of topics, including Best Practices for Closed Captioning, Closed Captioning Solutions for A/V, Live Events, and Online CommunicationsFalcon Onboarding: Captioning Your Live Streams, and Closed Captioning for Municipalities.

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New Captioning Solutions and Features

We unleashed Lexi Leash! This free Windows application allows Lexi users to connect to their EEG Cloud account to create, monitor, stop, restart, and log jobs for our Lexi Automatic Cloud Captioning service. Adoption was strong right out of the gate.

Right on schedule, we launched Scheduling for Lexi and Lexi Local. Scheduling is a powerful new workflow enhancement that makes it easy to schedule, monitor, and manage captioning jobs.

October saw us introducing a myriad of updates to Falcon, Alta, and the AV610 Caption Port. Revisit the unveiling with this webinar.

In November, we lifted Lexi to the next level with the launch of Lexi 2.0! This next-gen Lexi provides users with even higher accuracy, new workflow enhancements, and an expansive new control set. See everything Lexi 2.0 can do for you.


IP interoperability for EEG solutions was evaluated by the Joint Task Force on Networked Media. As a result, our Alta IP Video Caption Encoder was recognized as JT-NM Self-Tested for the SMPTE 2022-7 standard in the latest round of evaluations by the organization. This development built on successful Alta tests for SMPTE 2110 and AMWA NMOS at previous 2019 JT-NM events.

EEG People

Our tech is nothing without our people, and our team continued to expand. New talent included Edward Reeseg, Front End Developer, with other key hire announcements to come soon!


Getting Zoom captioning right is more important than ever thanks to a vastly expanded WFH workforce. We provided expert advice on making video meetings more accessible with Adding Live Captions to Your Zoom Meetings.

Reporting from the Field

Governments on all levels saw increased expectations for captioning from their constituents, as well as an increasing threat of litigation for falling short of ADA compliance. We clarified the situation with a comprehensive guide, Captioning for Cities, Towns, and Municipalities: Charting An Easy and Affordable Path to Meeting ADA Requirements.

We offered an up-close look at, a Brooklyn-based power user of Falcon and Lexi Live. See how captions play directly into the fast expansion of these live streaming specialists!

Finally, we provided our perspective on the evolving landscape for broadcasters. Captioning plays a key role in keeping them on schedule for cloud-based IP-based workflows, detailed in our article The Changing Face of Broadcasting.


To our customers, employees, partners, and friends, we thank you for being a bright spot of 2020. We look forward to what 2021 will bring!

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