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April 14, 2021

EEG Video Launches Falcon Update with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Output Mode For Expansive World Language Streaming Video Captioning Support


EEG Video has announced a significant upgrade to our popular Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Encoder. With the introduction of HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) output mode, Falcon now provides extensive support for world language web captioning.

In HLS output mode, Falcon can add up to six segmented Video Text Tracks (VTT) caption tracks to a real-time live stream. These VTT caption tracks are detected by the user’s media player as closed captions, which will appear in most HLS players as a user-selectable option, with all encoded languages listed.

Falcon continues to  provide a fast and efficient workflow for live streaming captioning based on an RTMP uplink. The converted HLS output stream integrates with many of the most commonly-used HLS video players, including JWPlayer, hls.js, Kaltura, Bitmovin, FlowPlayer, TheoPlayer, NexPlayer, and Castr.

Localize Content in Multiple Languages

When using EEG Falcon, content can be efficiently captioned through a complete AI transcription and translation stack using EEG’s Lexi Automatic Captioning Service. Now in its second generation, Lexi easily provides proven automatic captioning to streaming content creators. Benefits of Lexi include easy localization of content to global marketplaces and high accuracy, as well as professional quality vocabulary customization, scheduling, and automation features.

Newly supported languages in Lexi Automatic Captioning and Lexi Translate include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Russian. These languages are outside the traditional Latin character set of embedded CEA-608 / CEA-708 or DVB Teletext captioning, making interoperable live captioning difficult or impossible to obtain for these languages under previous workflows.

The Falcon streaming encoder and world languages VTT workflow is also compatible with expert authored human live captions and translations using EEG’s iCap cloud captioning network. iCap provides 24/7/365 connectivity between content creators and thousands of certified caption partners globally.

Falcon, Lexi, and iCap Translate form the comprehensive EEG Cloud suite of captioning solutions. Together, they create a complete set of live streaming-ready cloud captioning services with one-signup access that are easy to use and seamlessly integrated for offering highly accessible and localized content. That helps content owners to open fresh markets and new potential revenue streams, for applications such as the  global streaming distribution revolution taking place in sports broadcasting.

Complete Captioning Commitment

EEG’s accomplished customer support team helps content creators to get this closed captioning going. The team maintains the connection, informing customers about new patches, and helping them to leverage their EEG tools to the fullest.

“EEG's live streaming customers have always been forward-looking and eager to expand beyond one or two tracks of European language captioning,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG. “However, that often proved to be complex and time-consuming. There was no simple way to push many languages through the streaming workflow and all the way to the viewers.”

“A captioning-compliant streaming video player stack is essential to growing worldwide audiences today,” McLaughlin continues. “Closed captioning boosts audiences with highly engaging readable video, while addressing ADA accessibility standards for the hearing impaired. With Falcon and Lexi, expanded world language captioning support has arrived.”