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May 20, 2021

EEG Video Introduces iCap Connect AV650, With Native Support for UHD 12G-SDI Caption Encoding and Decoding


EEG Video has announced availability of the new iCap Connect AV650. It provides native support for UHD 12G-SDI Caption Encoding and Decoding, making it 4K ready.

Ideal for any production studio or event space captioning in 4K resolution, the AV650 represents the next generation of EEG’s industry-standard HD492 iCap Encoder, adding powerful new capabilities to all of the HD492’s features.

Users can now produce in a wider range of SDI workflows. EEG’s AV650 can easily overlay open captions on a 4K display, or in ATSC 3.0 for in-room monitor accessibility. The AV650’s SDI signal with captions can also be sent to a separate streaming media encoder and instantly converted to RTMP for a live streaming workflow.

The 1RU AV650 is optimized for event production companies who recognize that captioning and readable video can significantly expand their audiences. EEG’s AV650 provides the flexibility to work with broadcast, live stream, and in-room spaces, with the option to encode in 4K.

The AV650 is part of an intuitive end-to-end 4K captioning solution that helps creators meet ADA accessibility standards for people with hearing loss. The AV650 integrates seamlessly with EEG Cloud Services like Lexi Automatic Captioning Service, now Lexi 2.0 with its AI-driven 95%+ accuracy. It can also easily connect producers with human captioners via iCap, the world’s largest SDI to IP Video closed captioning and subtitle delivery network.

EEG’s accomplished Technical Support team helps content creators get their closed captioning going. A dedicated EEG customer success program maintains the connection, informing customers of new features and security patches, and helping to fully leverage EEG tools.

“Media producers of all types are moving towards 12G 4K UHD production and away from 3G 1080p-based workflows,” says Bill McLaughlin, VP of Product Development for EEG Video. “The EEG AV650 is our next generation 4K-ready captioning encoder and decoder. With all the features of the HD492, it’s the efficient way to reach wider audiences, including 4K.”