August 1, 2017

Pomeranec Media Moves Fast with EEG's iCap System

David Weiss

The call for high quality captioning is universal, extending worldwide and transcending languages. At Pomeranec Media in Argentina, closed captioning, open captioning and subtitles are central to a mission of making media accessible to everyone.

Founded by brothers Diego and Pablo Pomeranec in 2016, Pomeranec Media depend on EEG’s iCap, the world’s largest closed captioning and subtitled delivery network, to make captioning fast and efficient. “iCap makes it easy for us to manage and control captioning services,” says Diego Pomeranec. “It’s a simple solution to implement, and takes only a few hours of training for our captioning teams to use.”

Equipped with iCap, the EEG HD492 iCap Encoder, and the iCap Falcon cloud-hosted caption encoder for live Web streams, Pomeranec is at the ready to provide a host of captioning and subtitling services in South America. Their customer base includes corporate clients, educational institutions, and government agencies, for video, film and teleconferencing as well as streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Netflix, UStream, LiveStream, Kaltura, Skype Presentations, TwitchTv, Open Broadcaster, Xsplit Broadcaster, and Periscope.

“Getting our teams going with iCap is a quick process,” Pomeranec says. “All the captioner has to do is install the iCap application on their PC. We give them our iCap access code so they can connect to the EEG HD492 encoder, and that’s it — no further configuration is required.

“iCap manages everything else for us. From there, it routes the audio from the HD492 over the Internet, warns us about connection problems, and even allows us to configure the encoder remotely. Meanwhile, all we have to do is simply caption. Since we started using iCap there’s been a lot less pain, which allows us to take on a lot more projects.”

EEG’s cloud-hosted iCap network provides 24/7/365 connectivity to thousands of certified caption partners around the globe, supporting an ever-growing number of broadcast and cable channels, OTT content providers, professional sports stadiums, universities, conference centers, and more.

“iCap’s technology and workflow are like nothing else,” Pomeranec concludes. “It’s the most powerful tool for captioning.”