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September 30, 2022

Captioning Events and Meetings: How the Cloud Makes it Simpler and More Affordable


The need to live caption events and meetings – whether an in-person conference, a virtual town hall or a regular team meeting – is increasingly becoming a key imperative for organizations across the globe. 

And this trend isn’t only driven by the need to provide accessibility to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing. In fact, research shows that the hearing impaired constitute only 20% of those who use captions. 

Clearly, the benefits of live captioning events and meetings go far beyond their original purpose, and for many people, they’re becoming more of an expectation, rather than a luxury. 

How can Captions Benefit Your Events and Meetings?  

Whether for an in-person or virtual event, or a corporate meeting, captions provide a range of benefits. They can help you: 

Enhance Diversity & Inclusion 

Over 5% of the world’s population are hearing impaired, and captions of course allow everyone access to the spoken word. But in doing that, they also help foster a sense of inclusion, participation and empowerment, which is a key driver for HR departments and event organizers across the globe.

Boost Engagement 

Numerous studies prove that captions enhance comprehension and information retention, not only for those watching in their non-native language, but for people with high literacy levels too. 

Provide Flexibility  

Viewers can engage with your content no matter where they are or what they’re doing – whether they’re on commute or working in a noisy (or quiet) environment.  

Expand Your Audience 

Non-native English speakers often rely on captions. For events, multilingual captions can help you reach a wider, more global audience. While for corporate meetings, they allow you to break down language barriers so employees across the globe can communicate seamlessly. 

Keep Accurate Records 

In some countries, most notably Australia, legislation requires companies to record the minutes of their Annual General Meetings. When you caption a meeting, you can gain access to a verbatim transcript after the session, which make the process of recording minutes easy. While for events, transcripts allow attendees to access everything that was said during, for instance, a break-out session or keynote address. 

Ai-Media is leading the way in delivering these benefits to some of the world’s biggest brands. And our innovative cloud solutions are making captioning events and meetings far more simple, affordable and accurate than ever before. 

How Cloud Solutions Simplify Captioning 

Like so much else in the world, cloud technology and AI-driven automation has streamlined the process of live captioning.  

No longer are corporates and event organizers required to purchase hardware and rely on costly human-created captions. Nor must they spend significant time seeking these solutions from multiple vendors, and grapple with the challenges of integrating everything seamlessly. 

Now, corporates and event organizers can access all the captioning technology they need in one affordable end-to-end cloud solution.  

Falcon + Lexi: Live Event Captioning Made Easy in the Cloud 

By combining Ai-Media’s cloud Falcon encoder with our Lexi automated captioning solution, you can easily live caption your events, meetings or conferences.  

This powerful combination provides an end-to-end, self-service cloud platform for adding captions to your RTMP streams that’s simple to set up, manage and scale. And the beauty of this solution is that it doesn’t require any physical hardware. Everything you need is available in the cloud with just a few clicks. 

Falcon is a budget-friendly alternative to SDI video hardware that’s compatible with all major live streaming platforms, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Twitch, UStream, and many more. This means you can set up captioning of your event or meeting with the click of a button and send that live stream, complete with captions, to your preferred streaming platform.  

Fast, efficient and scalable, Lexi is the world’s leading ASR captioning solution. It uses algorithmic machine learning workflows to achieve up to 96% accuracy – far exceeding that of free captions offered in virtual platforms.  

The key to Lexi’s high accuracy is its ground-breaking Topic Models feature. By absorbing relevant data unique to each implementation, it allows Lexi to recognise topics and distinctive vocabulary, as well as observe context. And combined with our Lexi Translate solution, Lexi can translate from and into over 100 languages. 

Want to Learn More? 

With captions offering so many benefits, it’s a no brainer to add them to your events and meetings. See how our self-service Falcon + Lexi cloud platform can simplify the process for you.