April 30, 2018 / By David Weiss

Q&A with Bill McLaughlin on Captioning at the NAB 2018 IP Showcase

Technology writer David Weiss sat down with EEG VP Product Development Bill McLaughlin to discuss the NAB 2018 IP Showcase, highlighting SMPTE 2110 IP video production technology


April 30, 2018 / By EEG

2110 Ancillary Data NAB Presentation

IABM has posted video of Bill McLaughlin's NAB presentation on 2110-40 ancillary data and captioning, as well as a series of other presentations and video guides to the NAB 2018 IP Showcase focusing on SMPTE 2110.


April 25, 2018 / By EEG

EEG in Corporate AV Accessibility Feature for Systems Contractor News

EEG was recently featured in the Systems Contactor News article "Removing the Barrier: Making Corporate AV Accessible For All", by David Weiss. The piece covers the evolution of captioning and accessibility technologies as they apply specifically to AV applications and offers up some AV captioning scenarios for consideration by integrators looking to implement cost-effective solutions for their corporate clients.


March 15, 2018 / By EEG

NAB 2018 IP Showcase News

The 2018 IP Showcase will feature equipment from EEG and a presentation on 2110-40 closed captioning from EEG VP of Product Development Bill McLaughlin


March 6, 2018 / By Bill McLaughlin

EEG Dives into SMPTE-2110

One of the most important developments in the media technology industry right now is the transition from SDI to IP for live, uncompressed, video production.