March 6, 2018 / By Bill McLaughlin

EEG Dives into SMPTE-2110

One of the most important developments in the media technology industry right now is the transition from SDI to IP for live, uncompressed, video production.


October 11, 2017 / By Dave Watts

IBM Cloud Video: Adding Captions to Your Live Stream without Infrastructure

Attention IBM Cloud Video / Ustream users - Need captions for your live stream but don't have a caption encoder onsite? This support article offers a play by play for using EEG Falcon in tandem with IBM Cloud Video to source and encode captions to your live stream.


April 20, 2017 / By EEG

Major Upgrade to EEG Falcon at NAB Show 2017

Content providers can now uplink their full stream directly to the Falcon servers on, and captions from any iCap captioner will be embedded directly into the video stream. The fully captioned video stream is then passed directly into the ingest URL for the customer’s video platform of choice where it can be accessed by viewers.


May 19, 2016 / By Dave Watts

4 Broadcast Network Security Concerns Addressed by the iCap Encoder

Here we highlight the common customer network security concerns we’ve designed our tried and true iCap technology around.


May 3, 2016 / By Bill McLaughlin

Captioning Trends from NAB 2016

Captioning and accessibility is certainly feeling effects from industry developments, but also has a unique set of concerns with fast-evolving regulation and legislation in the United States and other major markets. At EEG and in the captioning/accessibility space, here are the 3 major trends our customers and partners brought us...