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Smart Lexi™: Groundbreaking Live Automatic Captioning

Experience accessibility with the power of Smart Lexi. Groundbreaking live automated captioning brings higher accuracy and greater efficiency to broadcasts, events and beyond.

Layered captioning technologies deliver unprecedented quality and accuracy at an affordable price point.

Smart Lexi combines machine learning automation with expert human curation, offering a high-accuracy captioning solution that’s available 24/7 and updated by expert staff while meeting budgets and requiring no equipment.

Smart Lexi logo on a computer monitor

How does Smart Lexi work?

Human curation, custom dictionaries and machine learning are at the core of Smart Lexi’s performance. EEG’s Lexi Automatic Captioning service works with Ai-Media’s team of captioning experts to deliver higher accuracy than out-of-the-box solutions, at a lower cost than premium human services.

Human Curation

In-depth research is performed by Ai-Media’s skilled captioning team that brings over a decade of expertise in training language software. Using our internal database and customer-supplied documentation, the team of experts conducts research for each captioning session to:

  • improve captioning accuracy;
  • curate, customize and coordinate preparation materials;
  • deliver live captions for each broadcast;
  • and implement technology and infrastructure for worldwide application.

Custom Dictionaries

Refined and expert-maintained models tailor key names and phrases to each captioning session, reducing error rate for custom terms by over 50%. Custom dictionaries include key names, industry jargon, phrases, spelling and phonetic pronunciation that are unique to particular subject matter.

In addition to regular updates from our in-house curators, users can refine accuracy further by applying formatting, standards and censorship requirements to the models.

Machine Learning

Automation delivers optimal captioning accuracy through Lexi’s ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology. The automatic captioning capabilities of Smart Lexi means this solution provides convenience through 24/7 availability and affordability at around half the cost of human-generated live captions.

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