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iCap Translate: Automatic Captioning Translation

Building on the success of LexiTM Automatic Captioning, which uses cutting-edge AI to create live captioning in the spoken language of a video program, EEG introduces iCap TranslateTM, a language translation service to make global reach more efficient for content creators and live event producers.

iCap Translate can translate captions and subtitles to and from over a dozen major languages - English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Danish, Maori, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. iCap Translate can work from source captions in any of these languages created by a monolingual expert stenographer, a live Lexi speech-to-text job, or a previously recorded and embedded caption track.

iCap Translate can be used with any iCapTM compatible captioning system including SDI embedders, EEG Alta virtualized IP video encoders, the Falcon streaming service, and other third-party iCap integrations. 

iCap Translate has a low per-minute price and no monthly minimum, so content creators can enjoy the audience expansion, accessibility, and metadata generating benefits of multilingual subtitles for any volume of live content. A perfect solution for corporate presentations, worship services, and classroom education. Sign up now at