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1430 Encoder Card: Closed Captioning and HD VANC Encoding

The 1430 Card offers basic digital closed captioning and HD VANC encoding for the openGear® platform (not iCap compatible).

Live Captioning Input Through:

  • ComCC modem virtualization system
  • Direct TCP/IP or Telnet
  • Teleprompters, Voice Recognition systems, and Automation servers using RS-232
  • Modem (optional paid feature)

Other Features:

  • SCTE-104 VANC insertion from GPI triggers or TCP/IP messaging (optional paid module)
  • Compatible with 4K SDI "quad link" systems
  • Relay-bypassed master video path for all formats of SDI video up to 3 Gbps
  • Auxiliary SDI video input for bridging caption data from one program to another
  • Insertion of V-Chip and  XDS data
  • Simultaneous support for two languages
  • Regionalized output modes for North America, Korea, and China
  • Compatible with Ross Dashboard monitoring and control