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AV650: UHD 12G-SDI Caption Encoder

The iCap Connect AV650 is EEG’s 1RU SDI encoder that supports native 12G caption encoding and decoding. As the newest generation of the HD492 iCap Encoder, the AV650 is equipped to future-proof any production studio or event space looking to caption in 4K resolution.

With the AV650, users can now overlay open captions on a 4K display, or in ATSC 3.0 for in-room monitor accessibility. The SDI signal with captions can also be sent to a separate streaming media encoder, and then converted to RTMP for a live streaming workflow.

The AV650 is the ideal solution for event production companies looking to expand their audiences by having the flexibility to work with broadcast, live stream, and in-room spaces, while having the option to encode in 4K.