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DE241 DR: SD Line 21 Caption and Data Recovery

Three Data Recovery Modes
The DE241DR has three data recovery modes available, Printout, Data Recovery, and PassThru Data Recovery. In the Data Recovery mode, the unit extracts the selected data from the input video signal and outputs it in a serial data stream through its RS 232C port. Data can be recovered from either field but not both fields at the same time. Data Recovery Mode is independent of Decoder Mode and both functions can be ongoing simultaneously

Two Field, NTSC Analog Video and PAL Video Decoder
The DE241DR is a multi-standard, broadcast quality Closed Caption Video Decoder capable of processing closed caption data in Line 21 of an NTSC analog video signal or Line 22 of a PAL signal. It decodes the CAPTION, TEXT, or XDS information transmitted, using the Closed Caption waveform, in either field and generates the appropriate display.

Includes EIA/ANSI 608 Extended Features
The DE241DR conforms to the FCC display requirements of the Television Decoder Circuits Act of 1990 and includes the extended characters and attributes defined in the Recommended Practice For Line 21 Data