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iCap Voice: Live Captioning Software

iCapTM Voice is an affordable solution for generating live caption data from a wide variety of input sources. Just enter live text from a regular or stenographic keyboard, or any off-the-shelf voice recognition system, like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and iCap VC will create a low-delay smooth roll-up display of your text sent to any encoder over the iCap connection system. Positioning on the output screen and the number of rows is configurable. iCap VC can also create captions from a plain text file, with pacing either automatically determined by a configurable timer, or controlled by an active operator.

iCap VC requires minimal training for basic operation and is perfect for local broadcast stations seeking an in-house solution to FCC requirements to cover emergency alerts, weather updates, and portions of a newscast not covered by teleprompter scripts.

More advanced users with previous court reporting or voice writing experience can use iCap VC as a fully functional caption generation software for creating high-quality live program captioning.