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DE1285 Captioning and VANC Decoder

Similarly to the DE285 Decoder/Monitor, this openGear® frame card outputs a detailed onscreen overlay that displays closed captioning data, V-chip, AFD, and embedded audio levels. It also includes a browser-controlled VANC analysis tool that offers the ability to pause, capture, view, and log every packet on every frame. Customizable alarms for missing or corrupted packets round out this efficient must-have for VANC data troubleshooting.

Live Program Data Monitoring Features:

  • Native HD-SDI Video Overlay
  • Customizable Onscreen Layout
  • Embedded Audio Level and Phase Monitoring for up to 8 channels
  • AFD, XDS/V-Chip/CGMS-A, Audio Metadata
  • Video Error Alarms

Detailed Analysis on Demand:

  • Troubleshoot with Powerful Web-Controlled VANC Analysis Tools
  • Sort and Filter Live VANC Data Dump
  • Capture, Pause and View all VANC Packets from Every Frame
  • Customize Triggers to Capture Fast-Moving Data Events
  • Log Packet Dropouts and Video Errors