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Lexi™ Local: On-Premises and Without Cloud Connectivity

Lexi Local, EEG’s newest closed captioning product, delivers live, automatic captions on-premises and without cloud connectivity. Lexi Local provides elevated security and greater control over data while achieving the same level of performance, precision, and quality as cloud-hosted companion product Lexi.

Top-Quality Captioning

Lexi Local delivers captions in English with more than 95% accuracy. You can also add custom vocabulary so Lexi Local can correctly recognize specific words.

Complete Control Over Data

Corporations and government sectors can use Lexi Local to safely and securely caption internal meetings and events where proprietary information is discussed. Lexi Local allows companies to provide accessibility while meeting internal data and privacy regulations surrounding classified data.

Resilience Against Cloud Connection Loss

Broadcasters looking for disaster recovery backup can rely on Lexi Local to deliver captions at all times. Lexi Local eliminates the need for external telecommunications or third-party hosting providers.

No External Networks Required

Lexi Local can be used to host the iCap protocol inside a private network, allowing on-site human captioners to transcribe without the use of external networks. Lexi Local can also be used by remote human captioners with a customer-maintained VPN.

Additional Details

  • Each Lexi Local server comes on a pre-configured high quality rack-mount device.
  • Encoders, AV610, and Alta components for merging captioning and video are sold separately.
  • Each license allows 24/7 operation on one stream of audio/captioning data at a time. Up to 10 licenses are allowed per server.

Looking to deploy captions on a private, on-premises cloud network? Check out iCap Local!