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1452 SCTE-104 Inserter Card

Made for the openGear® platform, the EEG Model Number 1452 SCTE-104 Inserter Card inserts SCTE-104 packets on a user-configurable VANC line using the 4107 DID/SDID (as per SMPTE 2010). Used for applications in ad insertion, content regionalization, and rights management, a flexible control system supports applications from the simple triggering of fixed preset messages to frame-accurate custom messages exercising all data types in the SCTE-104 standard.

Each card has two SDI video outputs, and can:

  • Create fixed preset messages for splice insertion and other common tasks
  • Load SCTE-104 messages from a TCP/IP connection into VANC as a full-featured "Injector"
  • Perform frame-accurate VANC insertion when triggered by external GPIs or (coming soon) messages marked with SMPTE time code
  • Log all transmitted messages
  • Recieve SCTE-104 triggers from broadcast automation systems such as Imagine Communications ADC

Need a detailed receive log showing every field of the SCTE-104 messages with type-specific interpretations? The EEG DE285 VANC Monitor and Decoder has the most advanced and detailed trigger record keeping of any monitoring product, check it out below in the Related Products.