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Scout: MXF Analyzer

As your file-based workflow evolves, QC doesn’t have to be an obstacle. FilePro Scout provides broadcasters and post-production professionals with a unique QC solution that makes content ingestion and distribution seamless.

Facilities employing FilePro Scout (which supports both automated AND manual workflows) benefit significantly from time and cost savings when ingesting MXF AS-02 and OP-1A bundles. Scout’s user-defined profiles establish a delivery spec which can be communicated to vendors, allowing them to adjust their encoding workflow accordingly and deliver error-free bundles moving forward. The Scout significantly reduces errors that once complicated storage, editing, and distribution of assets.

Features Include:

  • Automated validation tests on MXF AS-02 and OP-1A bundles
  • Deeper views into bundle structure, essence, and metadata
  • Flexible profile creation to tailor inspection results to custom contribution requirements
  • Additional EEG real-time player software included - ideal for viewing caption tracks and sources in all formats contained in video files
  • Detects proper wrapping of each media essence component in the bundle
  • Detects mismatches between top-level metadata and bundle contents
  • Detects common problems with closed captioning and ancillary data
  • Decodes and displays JPEG 2000 video essence in all common frame rates
  • Provides visualization of closed captions, AFD, and time code
  • Inspection results fully exportable in PDF or XML-based formats
  • Inspection locators exportable to EEG’s FilePro SpotFix for spot-based anomaly correction