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Scribe: Closed Caption Editing Software

Scribe provides you with everything you need to quickly and easily create a fully-timed, professional closed caption/subtitle file. All major video and caption file formats are supported. Stitch captions to video, use the resulting caption file for a webcast, or caption shared network video files remotely in the cloud without local download.

Lexi™ Speech Recognition

Use EEG's cloud-based speech recognition engine, Lexi, directly from Scribe's interface to generate initial timed captions, or align existing transcripts to your video ready for QC and quick cleanup.

Turn Scripts into Captions

Break down pre-prepared scripts into timed captions manually with Scribe's Text Bucket feature. Don't have a script to use? Text Bucket also accepts input from Dragon speech-to-text software for the creation of scripts.

Pitch-Corrected Reduced Speed Video

Slow down the video to a manageable speed with full audio integrity intact for inserting accurately timed captions in a single pass-through.

Full Positioning and Style Control

Move captions anywhere on the screen, choose rollup style or pop-on captions, and customize caption color and style.

Check Your Work in Seconds

Submit your captions to EEG Cloud for a full QC check against your asset. Checks for spelling errors, frame rate mismatches, garbling, caption timing, and more. Issues are highlighted for you to quick fix before publishing.

Try Scribe for Free

Request a Scribe download from our Product Updates page and our support team will provide you with a download link. The software operates in demo mode until a purchased license key is entered.