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iCap Local: Private, On-Premises Captioning Deployment

iCap Local enables iCap deployment to a private, on-premises cloud network, making it the optimal closed captioning choice for organizations with strict security policies. Businesses in the enterprise, government, and medical verticals handling confidential, proprietary data can take advantage of captioning and subtitling on a completely private, on-premises network.

iCap Local uses the same technology that powers iCap, EEG’s cloud-based closed captioning and subtitle delivery network, which provides encrypted 24/7/365 remove connectivity to thousands of certified caption service partners. With iCap Local, organizations seeking total control of their data can rely on an industry-leading product to deliver captions and subtitles.

All-in-One Capabilities

All iCap products are unified under the iCap cloud. iCap Local can operate alongside other EEG on-premises solutions or the standard iCap service, offering organizations more flexibility.

Customized Control

Organizations with stringent internal security policies can restrict all data transfers to locally controlled servers and networks. Each deploying organization has full control over the network path, the user permissions, and the physical security of all iCap Local equipment.

Global Connectivity

iCap Local can be used by broadcast networks, stadiums, universities, and government entities all over the world.

Seamless Transition

Professional stenocaptioners and voice writers can use existing iCap software (through a client-provided VPN link or closed local network) to gain private access to the target captioning equipment.

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