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1250 ComCC Caption Modem Distribution Platform

Bridge the gap between iCap and legacy analog POTS/modem systems with the ComCC 1250 OpenGear card! This powerful system can be used for emergency backup of real-time captioning, or to enable flexible virtual addressing of multiple caption encoders on a single LAN subnet from one set of phone lines.

Each ComCC card has two modems and two audio couplers. Real-time captioners dial into ComCC using the same hardware and software as legacy pre-IP dial-up captioning systems. Once connected, captioners can hear audio and enter captions from a pre-assigned encoder, or choose from multiple encoders or encoder groups with a configurable touch-tone menu.

The ComCC system is fully compatible with existing sets of iCap access codes, and with standard POTS telephone lines for outside connectivity.


Applications include:

  • Share a single pair of phone lines across multiple iCap-compatible encoders
  • Use telephone lines as an emergency backup to IP captioning for physical or virtual encoders
  • Full logging of dial-up transactions


ComCC 1252 Configuration

The ComCC 1252 is an alternate software configuration available for caption service providers that will enable individual captioners to use their familiar iCap logins and procedures to access client devices that only accept dial-up connections. The authentication, logging, and monitoring features of iCap are preserved, and consistency of workflow is achieved across encoders of all different brands and ages.