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Alta 2110: NMOS v2.04

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Release Notes:

NMOS updates must be applied via the "Update" page on the website and Alta 2110 REST API v2.77 or greater must be installed.

  • v2.04, Latest (6/28/22)
    • More IS-09 format safeguards
  • v2.03 (5/25/22)
    • Fix for 308 re-directs on constraints, staged, active, transportfile endpoint requests with no trailing slash (Magnum)
  • v2.02, Latest (5/9/22)
    • Realtime log messages enabled for website
  • v2.00 (4/19/22)
    • Registration server connection stability improvements
    • Fix for static registration disconnects with no re-connection
    • Provides heartbeat and registration state for website
    • Safeguard for bad IS-09 format
    • Python 3 support
  • Adds support for realtime activation log on Alta website (v1.78)
  • Streamlined log messages for easier debugging (v1.77)
  • Fix for rtp_enabled issue on incoming activations (v1.77)
  • Fix for rapid node heartbeat with no IS09 (v1.76)
  • Leaky socket fix (v1.75)
  • Support for UUID regeneration via web (v1.74)
  • Bug Fixes v1.73.0