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Alta 2110: Alta-2110 VBox 12/14/22

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Release Notes:

This is a full virtual machine image containing a complete OS with the Alta software installed that is exported with, and designed to be used immediately with, Oracle Virtual Box software. Customers may be able to import this OVA file into many other hypervisor systems as well by consulting the image import documentation for their system. Subsequent software updates can typically be downloaded separately and do not require downloading this full image again.

This image is the Alta 2110 image, which receives SMPTE 2110-30 audio streams and outputs a SMPTE 2110-40 ancillary data stream including closed captioning and other data sources.

For the Alta image for use with MPEG Transport Streams, see the main Alta product page - this is a separate base VM.

  • Encoder 2.02
  • Web 3.21
  • NMOS 2.04
  • Debian 11.5