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Alta 2110: Alta-2110 Encoder v2.08

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Release Notes:

This is an installation package for the core Alta software that can be used to update an existing Alta-2110 virtual machine.

This package is for Debian 10 Virtual Machines. Please contact EEG Support to upgrade if you have an older Debian 8 VM.

Please also install the alta_rest_server package for version 2.56.0 or up. This update is found in the Alta Transport Stream section of the EEG Support download folders.

Recent changes

  • Latest, v2.08 (5/9/23)
    • Fixed SDP parse bug due to unexpected ordering of connection + media data
  • v2.07 (4/17/23)
    • Support for configurable CC Auto Erase setting
  • v2.06 (4/5/23)
    • Support for Lexi pause + resume triggers
    • Support for VITC offset
  • v2.04 (2/13/23)
    • Multi-language support
    • NTP support
    • Fixed bug where VITC was only generated if 2059-2 data was present
  • v2.03 (1/13/23)
    • Support for SCE104 time signal with segmentation descriptor triggers
  • v2.02 (12/7/22)
    • Added support for event_id in SCTE104 preset parameters
    • Added delay_compensation to log print for Lexi Speaker Change
  • v2.00 (11/16/22)
    • Teletext passthrough support
    • Upstream VITC blocking support
    • Patched memory leak in log writer
  • v1.99 (7/21/22)
    • SCTE104 over TCP/IP support
    • Lexi trigger on/off
  • v1.98 (6/22/22)
    • SCTE104 insertion triggers
  • v1.97 (6/14/22)
    • Lexi speaker change triggers
  • v1.95 (5/31/22)
    • Fix for generic horizontal offset incompatibilities with legacy gear (all CC VANC now added at offset 0)
  • v1.94 (4/12/22)
    • Fix for interlace system upstream VANC field switching
  • Minor bug fixes (v1.92)
  • Enhancements to OP-47/Teletext encoding to support more decoders and conversion devices, improved readability (v1.91)
  • Additional log prints on device shutdown (v1.91)
  • Includes NMOS UUID's with RX/TX status (v1.91)
  • Fixed no packet RX warning bug (v1.91)
  • Faster/cleaner encoder shutdown (v1.89)
  • Fix for overlogging when due to 2022-7 buffer issues (v1.88)
  • Fix for white noise on iCap audio after joining streams through NMOS (v1.87)
  • Fix for memory leak when secondary NMOS leg unjoined (v1.87)
  • Misc NMOS startup config bug fixes (v1.87)
  • Misc bug fixes + stability/start-up improvements (v1.85)
  • Publishes initial transmitter/reciever multicast parameters correctly to IS-05, including when using 2022-7 (v1.83)
  • Ability to use non-100 RTP payload ID (1.82)
  • Fixes for TAI/UTC leap second offset detection (1.80)
  • NMOS IS-05 and SDP file parsing improvements (1.80)
  • Improved outbound telnet keep alive (1.72)
  • Add NMOS "grouphints" support (1.71)
  • Add 2022-7 Support (1.71)
  • Fix bug observed where iCap audio would often stop uplinking after about 10 hours of continuous run time (1.68)
  • Fix input bandwidth metrics to show average over shorter period of time for more accuracy (1.68)
  • Improvements to audio reception durability when small timestamp offsets or RTP packet loss are present (1.67)
  • Added ability to use an offline license (1.65)

How To Install

On up to date versions of the Alta configuration/management local website, you can go to the "Update" tab on the top. bar and load the ".deb" file directly in over the management interface.