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Alta: Alta-TS Core v3.16 Deb10+11

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Release Notes:

This is an installation package for the core Alta software that can be used to update an existing Alta virtual machine.

Please also install the alta_rest_server package for version 2.41.0 or up. This update is found in the Alta Transport Stream section of the EEG Support download folders.

Recent changes

  • Latest, v3.16 (5/10/23)
    • Fix for CC jumbling on interlaced field pictures
    • Improvements to Teletext sourced by Newfor
  • v3.15 (4/14/23)
    • Support for configurable CC Auto Erase setting
  • v3.14 (4/5/23)
    • Support for Lexi pause + resume triggers with offset
    • Support for DVB Subtitle foreground and background text color and transparency options
  • v3.13 (3/7/23)
    • Teletext improvements including better interoperability
    • iCap stability improvements
    • Bug fix for incorrect SMPTE RDD-11/2038 packet structure
  • v3.12 (2/6/23)
    • SCTE104/35 time signal with segmentation descriptor trigger support
    • Throttled RTP + FEC error log messages
    • Improved handling of input FEC packets with invalid row/col params
  • v3.11 (12/7/22)
    • Correct handling of event_id in SCTE104 preset processing to prevent truncation of the value
    • Cleaned up SCTE104 preset trigger log printing
    • Added delay_compensation to Lexi preset trigger log printing
  • v3.10 (11/30/22)
    • Support for event ID in SCTE35/104 triggers
  • v3.09 (11/23/22)
    • Fix for scrambling bits being set erroneously on DVB bitmap TS packets (blocking upstream NULL DVB Bitmap PES packets in DVB Bitmap passthrough in low latency mode)
  • v3.08 (11/22/22)
    • Fix for ES out only mode not generating output PCR's when upstream PCR origin > ~13.5h (bug was introduced in v3.05)
  • v3.07 (11/21/22)
    • Fix for DVB Subtitles scaling/positioning bug
    • Fix for low latency TS DVB Subtitles TS packet stuffing bytes + adaptation field bug causing crashes
    • Removed excessive (every frame) log prints in low latency mode for MPEG-2 and HEVC encoding
    • Disabled VBR mode
  • v3.06 (11/14/22)
    • Teletext improvements
  • v3.05 (11/1/22)
    • Support for low latency CBR mode
    • Improved DVB Subtitle and Teletext passthrough in low latency mode
    • Fixed multi-packet PMT bug in low latency mode
    • Upstream SCTE35 logging
  • v3.04 (10/26/22)
    • Improved input capture feature with SRT support
  • v3.03 (8/18/22)
    • Improved PCR wraparound stability
  • v3.01 (7/27/22)
    • CC4/S4 fix
    • Teletext field 2 passthrough fix
  • v3.00 (7/18/22)
    • SRT support
    • SCTE104 GPI triggers
    • Lexi on/off GPI trigger support
    • Reduced Telnet connection log messages
    • Reduced PMT/PAT log messages
  • v2.99 (6/23/22)
    • Lexi speaker change GPI triggers
    • Exponential back-off upon failed iCap login attemp
    • Improved Teletext line/field marking for better compatibility with legacy gear
  • v2.97, 6/7/22
    • Fix for CCMatch delay sometimes causing sync byte errors
  • v2.96, 6/2/22
    • Added full support for DVB Teletext passthrough
    • Improved DVB Bitmap passthrough
  • v2.95, 5/5/22
    • Current date now included in log message timestamps
  • v2.94, 4/12/22
    • Bug fix for encoder exiting if UDP used (bug was introduced with FEC support) (Latest, v2.94)
    • CCMatch support (Latest, v2.94)
    • Fix for bad RTP packet missing log print with erroneous stream number (Latest, v2.94)
  • Fixed memory leak in FEC sender (v2.93)
  • FEC related logging improvements + misc. bug fixes (v2.91)
  • FEC send/receive support (v2.90)
  • Support for realtime errors (v2.89)
  • Instances set to RTP no longer make website unresponsive when fed UDP streams (v2.89)
  • Input rate exceeds fixed TS output rate logging (v2.87)
  • Input rate status keeping for website (v2.87)
  • Bug fix for Teletext line getting stuck at bottom after erase (v2.86)
  • TS stability improvements (v2.85)
  • Improved compatibility with AWS Media Live outputs (v2.84)
  • Improved DVB Teletext rollup rendering (v2.82)
  • Low-latency VBR bug fix and dvb-text feedback bug fix (v2.81)
  • Stability improvements (v2.80)
  • Support for VBR in low latency (v2.78)
  • Improved stability when PCR wraparound is encountered (v2.76)
  • PES rate smoothing (v2.75)
  • Jitter reduction (v2.74)
  • Added "Disable 708" setting (2.70)
  • 2022-7 and stability improvements (2.68)
  • Stability improvements (2.67)
  • Input signal error logging for website (2.66)

How To Install

New Method:

If you have Alta Web Components v2.56 or later then you can apply the .deb through the "Update" page on the website.

Old Method:

Download the .deb file to your VM from a web browser (you can use the desktop or any other folder), or bring it over by USB or another file transfer mechanism after downloading to another computer. Make sure the extension remains ".deb", if it is different this may be an indication your computer has tried to unpack it automatically on downloading, which could render it unusable. 

Right-click on the file in the VM environment and select the "Install" option to upgrade (or, from a command shell, use `sudo dpkg -i <filename>`