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Alta: Alta-TS Core v2.89 Deb8

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Release Notes:

This is an installation package for the core Alta software that can be used to update an existing Alta virtual machine.

Please also install the alta_rest_server package for version 2.41.0 or up. This update is found in the Alta Transport Stream section of the EEG Support download folders.

Recent changes

  • Support for realtime errors (Latest, v2.89)
  • Instances set to RTP no longer make website unresponsive when fed UDP streams (Latest, v2.89)
  • Input rate exceeds fixed TS output rate logging (v2.87)
  • Input rate status keeping for website (v2.87)
  • Bug fix for Teletext line getting stuck at bottom after erase (v2.86)
  • TS stability improvements (v2.85)
  • Improved compatibility with AWS Media Live outputs (v2.84)
  • Improved DVB Teletext rollup rendering (v2.82)
  • Low-latency VBR bug fix and dvb-text feedback bug fix (v2.81)
  • Stability improvements (v2.80)
  • Support for VBR in low latency (v2.78)
  • Improved stability when PCR wraparound is encountered (v2.76)
  • PES rate smoothing (v2.75)
  • Jitter reduction (v2.74)
  • Added "Disable 708" setting (2.70)
  • 2022-7 and stability improvements (2.68)
  • Stability improvements (2.67)
  • Input signal error logging for website (2.66)

How To Install

New Method:

If you have Alta Web Components v2.56 or later then you can apply the .deb through the "Update" page on the website.

Old Method:

Download the .deb file to your VM from a web browser (you can use the desktop or any other folder), or bring it over by USB or another file transfer mechanism after downloading to another computer. Make sure the extension remains ".deb", if it is different this may be an indication your computer has tried to unpack it automatically on downloading, which could render it unusable. 

Right-click on the file in the VM environment and select the "Install" option to upgrade (or, from a command shell, use `sudo dpkg -i <filename>`