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DE361: 1.2.6

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Release Notes:

What’s New?

  • Configurable opacity for on-screen message display (on front panel)
  • Enhanced OSD of HD editor message types as well as display in the web inbox
  • Adding message type info to body of automatic message emails
  • Automatic BAS message emails feature serial number of originating decoder in the “Message-ID” email header
  • -Fixed issue where decoder could lockup the time display and block receipt of new messages following a video switch on the Master video input
  • Fixed a remaining daylight savings issue with email message timestamps
  • Cosmetic corrections to SMTP settings panel on web page
  • Fixed a bug where email and print queues could become ill-conditioned
  • Fixed decoding of apostrophe references within messages
  • Fixed positioning of Network time in the OSD when decoding SD video.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the front panel USB port:

1.    Click Download Now! to download the update file (UpdateName.tar.bz2) to your local computer
2.    Copy the file to a USB thumb drive, place the drive in the front panel USB slot of the Encoder.
3.    Go to System Setup | Update on the front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update is displayed. 
4.    When installation of the update is complete, the encoder will power down automatically. You will need to restart it manually.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the Website:

1.    Click Download Now! and save locally the software update file from the EEG website or from the Download link provided. 
2.    Navigate to the Upgrade tab on the DE361 website and click on the Browse button.
3.    Select the EEG Software update you just saved and then click Submit to update the Software.
4.    When installation of the update is complete, the decoder will inform update is complete. No power cycle is required.