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EN537: iCap 4.3.1 / Lexi Ctrl 1.3.6

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Release Notes:

This upgrade combines iCap Encoder Client 4.3.1 and Lexi Controller 1.3.6 with the firmware required to support both programs.

iCap Encoder Client 4.3.1 adds support for the insertion of automated speaker change indicators, via two different methods.

The first method is GPI based. On the encoder's iCap page, enable "Signal Lexi Speaker Changes on GPI-H" to use this. When there is a rising edge (off to on) transition on GPI-H, this will trigger a ">>" speaker change indicator at that point in the audio track.

The second method is IP based. On the encoder's iCap page, enable "Signal Lexi Speaker Changes on UDP port 6920". External software should then send UDP messages with the speaker name as an ASCII string to the encoder's local IP address and port 6920. Blank messages will trigger a generic unlabeled speaker change, ">>", similar to the GPI.

Lexi Controller 1.3.6 adds support for a new "Block on Serial Port" feature that allows you to configure Lexi to stop when your encoder receives captions from a serial port-connected device, such as a teleprompter; Lexi will then restart automatically once the serial caption source stops sending data. Lexi Controller 1.3.6 also includes the following features from Lexi Controller 1.3.5:

  • Higher-accuracy Lexi 2.0 speech recognition engine
  • Compatibility with Lexi Local
  • Lexi Vision positioning
  • Optional automatic restart for jobs terminated by inactivity timeout
  • Ability to disable the profanity filter, which is enabled by default

And the following bug fixes from Lexi Controller 1.3.5:

  • GPI activation not recognized after unit startup
  • Intermittent inability to communicate with EEG Cloud, resulting in failure to start or stop some Lexi jobs and a "code 35" error in the logs
  • Web dropdown fields not loading correctly

Please note that this update is only applicable to encoders with a serial number of 2000 or higher, and it requires system software build 2.1.0 or newer.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the EN537 web interface:

  • Download and save the update file to your local computer.
  • Navigate to the Update web page on the encoder and browse for the upgrade file.
  • Select the EEG update file you just saved and then click Submit to apply the update.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the EN537 front panel USB port:

  • Download and save the update file to your local computer.
  • Copy the file to the top-level directory on a USB flash drive. Do not copy the file to a sub-folder or the encoder will not detect the upgrade file and the process will fail.
  • Place the drive in the front panel USB slot of the encoder.
  • Browse to System Setup | Update using the front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update is displayed.

This upgrade will reboot the encoder once it is complete.