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There is a newer version of this download available: HD1492 iCapEncoder Card version Build 1.3.2

HD1492 iCapEncoder Card: Build 1.1.0

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Release Notes:

What’s New?  

  • Lexi 1.1.3
  • Improved job statuses and logging
  • Pressing "apply" after changing settings while a job is running will start a new job with the new settings
  • Automatically updates language list as new languages are added in EEG Cloud system
  • Supports sending single audio channels to iCap listeners
  • More detailed firmware logging
  • Startup settings editor allows applying new settings immediately
  • Web portal 0.1.26
  • User-editable nickname field at top of page
  • Active ports" display now shows name of service that is providing captions
  • GPI settings are persistent upon reboot
  • Video iCap supports SD-PAL 
  • Bug fixes related to GPO alarms, DHCP address acquisition

Upgrade Instructions

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the Website:

    Download and save locally the software update file from the EEG website or from the Download link provided.
    Navigate to the Upgrade tab on the HD1492 website and click on the Browse button.
    Select the EEG Software update you just saved and then click Upload button to load the file onto the unit.
    Click the Proceed button to update the Software.
    When installation of the update is complete follow instuctions.