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HD1492 iCapEncoder Card: Lexi Controller 1.2.9

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Release Notes:

Lexi Controller 1.2.9 includes support for the following new features:

  • Higher-accuracy Lexi 2.0 speech recognition engine
  • Compatibility with Lexi Local
  • Lexi Vision positioning
  • Optional automatic restart for jobs terminated by inactivity timeout

Please note that your HD1492 must be running software build 1.1.0 or newer in order to support this upgrade.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This upgrade will power off the encoder requiring a manual restart.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the HD1492 web interface:

  •  - Download and save the update file to your local computer.
  •  - Navigate to the Update web page on the encoder and browse for the upgrade file.
  •  - Select the EEG update file you just saved and then click Submit to apply the update.