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HD480 iCap Encoder: 2.4.5

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Release Notes:

Note: This update requires Build 2.3.9 or higher. If your HD480 is running a release previous to 2.3.9, please navigate to the previous page and apply the upgrade for 2.3.9 before applying this update.

What's New?

  • Improved Modem and decoder status on new web layout


Other Improvements

October 2014

  • Clone logging capabilities added to NetClone client. 
  • Webterm now works properly Chrome and Safari 
  • CCRecord now enables real-time recording of caption data 
  • SCTE104 insertion module new features and bug fixes 
  • Test captions now display serial number instead of IP address
  • Bug Fixes for iCap. Download available for alternate CS message for all IP addresses. Limit on number of traceroutes has been set.
  • Other bug fixes

May 2014

  • Bug fix for the <Test Caption> utility where the utility would fail to encode the test captions if an IP address was not set.

February 2014

  • Bug fixes for iCap, including reported issue where encoder can stop sending audio feedback on connection after handshake mismatch
  • iCap now includes informational trace routing in logs
  • DHCP support through front panel IP address menu
  • New decoder features for Unicode languages
  • Fixes GPI caption relocation bug in previous version
  • Debian SSL security patch

February 2013

  • iCap audio bug fixes and increased logging
  • Bug fixes to logging display page

May 2012

  • New options for iCap audio mix – channel and group selection
  • Improved priority system between iCap and modem captioning
  • Fixes for SD audio disembedding and 608 - to -708 caption upconversion 

January 2012

  • New options for iCap audio mix – choose stereo or surround downmix
  • Fixes to LCD display menu bugs
  • New module for SCTE – 104 insertion (optional licensed feature)
  • Fixes to XDS Xpress client

October 2011

  • iCap client logs now appear in HD480 “logging” web tab
  • Improvements to web terminal
  • Addition of GPI controls to AFD insertion module (optional licensed feature)
  • Fixes to caption absence GPO alarm


Upgrade Instructions

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the front panel USB port:

  1. Download the update file (UpdateName.tar.bz2) to your local computer
  2. Copy the file to a USB thumb drive, place the drive in the front panel USB slot of the Encoder.
  3. Go to System Setup | Update on the front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update is displayed.
  4. When installation of the update is complete, the encoder will power down automatically. You will need to restart it manually.

Follow the steps below to apply your product update through the Website:

  1. Download and save locally the software update filefrom the EEG website or from the Download link provided.
  2. Navigate to the Upgrade tab on the HD480 website and click on the Browse button.
  3. Select the EEG Software update you just saved and then click Submit to update the Software.
  4. When installation of the update is complete, the encoder will power down automatically. You will need to restart it manually