HD480 iCap Encoder: 2.3.9

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Release Notes:

What's New
• New SCTE104 insertion module accessible with license key
• iCap logging available in web interface
• Improved iCap audio codec
• Front panel audio controls allow selection between stereo (ch 1 + 2) and surround (ch 1 + 2 +
3) mixes for iCap
• iCap can now use embedded audio in SD video
• XDS client: improved logging; schedules are preserved if the server crashes; XDS packets
are cleared when the client is disabled



How to Upgrade
Instructions (USB): Download the update file (eeg_upgrade.tar.bz2) to your local computer. Then
copy the file to a USB thumb drive, and put the drive in the front panel USB slot on the HD480. Go
to System Setup | Update on the HD480 front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update
is displayed.
When installation of the update is complete, the encoder will power down automatically. You will
need to restart it manually.