HD492 iCap Encoder: iCap Encoder Client 4.3.1

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Release Notes:

Please note that this upgrade requires your HD492 to have build 4.0.0 or newer.

iCap Encoder Client 4.3.1 adds support for the insertion of automated speaker change indicators, via two different methods.

The first method is GPI based. On the encoder's iCap page, enable "Signal Lexi Speaker Changes on GPI-H" to use this. When there is a rising edge (off to on) transition on GPI-H, this will trigger a ">>" speaker change indicator at that point in the audio track.

The second method is IP based. On the encoder's iCap page, enable "Signal Lexi Speaker Changes on UDP port 6920". External software should then send UDP messages with the speaker name as an ASCII string to the encoder's local IP address and port 6920. Blank messages will trigger a generic unlabeled speaker change, ">>", similar to the GPI.