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Release Notes:

This is a full installation package for the Scribe caption authoring and editing software package.

The software has a simple trial version that will run without any license, however for full operation a license package much be purchased (contact

Click "Request Update" to download and you will receive an email link with a personalized download of the software installation package.

What's New in:

  • New interactive non-linear-editor style timeline featuring intuitive visualization of caption start and end times, with dynamic zoom and video loop features
  • New spellcheck feature in Caption List view
  • New autosave feature with configurable settings
  • New prompt when restarting after a crash to load a recent autosave
  • Fix to crash caused by missing video asset during load; new prompt to relink video when asset cannot be found
  • New startup dialog with prompt to create new or load recent project
  • New project directory organization