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iCap Monitor Client: 2.4.0

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Release Notes:

This is a full installation package for the iCap Monitor Client, a tool for administrators monitoring multiple iCap Access Codes or encoders simultaneously. You can not enter caption data through this tool, transcribers should download the standard iCap Captioner software.

Licenses for the iCap Monitor Client will be provided to iCap customers on the Broadcast Plus service tier, or are otherwise sold separately on a per-account basis.

Changes in 2.4

  • Improvements in update message pacing to prevent crashes and overutilization of bandwidth on startup
  • Faster sorting for companies with large numbers of Access Codes (300+)
  • Better performance with private server systems

Changes in 2.3

  • Active Access Codes automatically sorted to top and Caption Feed scroller enabled
  • Increased refresh speed
  • Separates number of encoders online from number of listeners/captioners
  • Displays the number of encoders that are online/offline for a given Access Code. The names of offline encoders are displayed in the Detailed View