iCap Connect AV650: 1.1.0

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Release Notes:

  • Increased resolution for open-caption decoder output when used with 2160p60 video
  • Added support for CCMatch module (in HD and 3G video standards only)
  • Front-panel LCD menu now allows configuring iCap programs 1-3
  • iCap 4.3.1
    • Adds ability to use GPI- or UDP-based speaker change notifications
  • Lexi Controller 1.3.6
    • Updated web interface
    • Topic model list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Updated SSL certificate (expires February 1, 2023)
  • Bug fixes related to:
    • DHCP lease renewal
    • GPO alarms
    • Loss of gateway, under network settings

Upgrade Instructions

To apply the update through the front-panel USB port:

  • Download the update file (av650_1.1.0_r2.tar.bz2) to your computer.
  • Copy the file to a USB flash drive
  • Insert the drive in the front-panel USB slot of the encoder.
  • Go to System Setup | Update on the front-panel LCD menu and press OK when the name of the update is displayed.
  • The update should take 5-10 minutes; when it is complete, the encoder will reboot itself. Please do not power the unit off yourself before this occurs.
  • Once the LCD screen indicates that the update is complete, press the X button to return to the main screen.
  • Remove the USB drive.

To apply the product update through the AV650 Web Portal:

  • Download the update file (av650_1.1.0_r2.tar.bz2) to your computer.
  • Navigate to the Update page the AV650 Web Portal and click the Choose File button.
  • Select the update file you just saved and then click the Upload button to load the file onto the unit.
  • After the update finishes uploading, click the Proceed button to begin the update process. This should take 5-10 minutes.
  • When the update is complete, the encoder will reboot itself; please do not power the unit off yourself.
  • The web site will indicate that the update is complete once the encoder has rebooted. You may need to perform a "hard refresh" in your browser in order to see the latest version of the AV650 Web Portal.