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There is a newer version of this download available: iCap PC Client Software version 2.14.0

iCap PC Client Software: 2.12.8

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Release Notes:

This is a full installation package for the iCap Captioner software used for monitoring audio, video, and captions from an EEG or other iCap-compatible encoder. The software connects locally on your PC to a steno-captioning software package for generation of live caption data.

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What's New in: 2.12.8

  • Improved reconnection logic, especially with SSL connections
  • Fixed loss of audio problem after rapid software or connection reset of source encoder
  • Fixed a crash when using iCap Video with shifting numbers of rollup rows

Installation Instructions

To install iCap, double-click on the provided icap.msi file. iCap is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Your computer must have a sound card and speakers (or headphones) to avoid errors when initializing the audio monitoring features.

For most upgrades, it is not necessary to uninstall previous versions of iCap. However, if you do have trouble installing a new version, particularly over a much older version, a full uninstall of the older version may resolve the issue.

You can check your version at any time by opening the iCap software and navigating in the toolbar to Help | About.

Previous Versions:


  • Fixes software sticking in "Network Loss" state after an SSL connection is temporarily interrupted 


  • Fix to SSL certificate loading for


  • Fixes software crash reported when a remote encoder sends unusually large bursts of CTRL+A response data


  • Includes option of initiating SSL connection to login server over port 9738
  • Fixes bug introduced in 2.11.0 where local connections to caption software would become blocked
  • Other reconnection and backup server bug fixes and improvements


  • Corrected iCap VC file "sharing error" popup when looping a text file.
  • Improved initial program installation for support on Windows 10 home products.
  • Fixed program crashes experienced by some users while monitoring iCap Video


  • New menu in "Language" to support multiple audio programs associated with different language streams from the primary encoder on your Access Code.
  • Beginning in this version, your PC software will automatically switch to an alternate audio stream when you enter a Service 2 or higher Access Code. If you want to hear the primary audio program as in older software versions, use the "Language" menu to switch back to "Program 0" once you have connected to the Access Code.