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Lexi 2.0 Hardware Upgrade Instructions

Last Updated December 21, 2020

Requesting Lexi 2.0 Upgrade

  1. Visit Product Updates and Downloads and navigate to your current hardware model type.
  2. Select Lexi Controller 1.2.9 under Plugins.
  3. Click on Request Download.
  4. Complete the Request Downloads form including your Unit ID, and current Build. The Build can be verified by viewing the Main System and Information page of the encoder web interface.
  5. An email will be automatically sent to you with the upgrade download link.

Apply Your Product Update Through the Website

  1. Download and save the update file from the download link provided to your local computer.
  2. Navigate to the Update web page on the encoder and browse for the upgrade file.
  3. Select the EEG update file you just saved and click Submit to apply the update.

Apply Your Product Update Through the Front Panel USB Port

  1. Download the update file (*.tar.bz2) to your local computer.
  2. Copy the file to the top-level directory on a USB flash drive. Do not copy the file to a sub-folder; doing so will result in process failure.
  3. Place the drive in the front panel USB slot of the encoder.
  4. Go to System Setup | Update on the front panel LCD and press OK when the name of the update is displayed.