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SSL Certificate Uploads

Last Updated January 6, 2023

The SSL Certificate module on the encoder's web portal allows you to upload your own signed SSL certificates, for access both inbound to and outbound from the encoder, for enhanced data security.

The inbound functionality allows you to download certificate signing requests and upload signed SSL certificates so that when you browse to the encoder's web portal on your network, it will get an approval from your browser.

The outbound functionality allows you to upload signed SSL certificates that contain a signing key signed by your server's root authority, so that, within your secure internal network, you can send captioning data to any devices that have that signing key installed on their browser.



The inbound SSL upload functionality is currently only available on the HD492 and AV650 encoders, while the outbound SSL functionality is currently only available on the AV650 encoder. It will be coming soon on the other encoder products.

If you do not yet have access to this feature on either of these supported units, please submit a request via the links below with the serial numbers of your applicable units, after which our support team will send you the download link with the appropriate update file that you may install from your encoder's web portal.


Inbound SSL Certificate Uploads

You may upload inbound SSL certificates to the encoder by following the below steps:

  1. In the LCD menu on the encoder, choose either the "Password" or "Production" mode (to get the webpage into HTTPS).
  2. Navigate to the 'SSL Certificate' module on the encoder web portal.
  3. Under 'Generate Certificate Signing Request', enter the identification details that will be used to reach the encoder in the displayed fields and select 'Generate CSR' to download the certificate signing request (as seen in screenshot below).
  4. Have the CSR signed by a trusted authority.
  5. Select 'Import Signed Certificate' to upload the signed certificate to the encoder.


Outbound SSL Certificate Uploads

You may upload SSL certificates to the encoder for outbound access to other devices by following the below steps:

  1. On the encoder's web portal, navigate to the 'SSL Certificate' module.
  2. Select the "Import Signed Outbound Certificate" button (see below screenshot) and choose the SSL cert you would like to upload from your files, that contain a signing key signed by your server's root authority,
  3. If it has a valid signing key, the SSL page will refresh, with the SSL certificate appearing in the 'Current Outbound SSL Certificates' table (the name appearing will match the file name), representing that it has been added to the encoder's trusted database.
  4. Clicking on the name of the file will download a copy, and the "Info" button will expand and collapse the row to include the information about the certificate (as also seen below in the screenshot).