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iCap Encoder Audio Configuration

Last Updated November 16, 2021


In order to use iCap with your EEG closed caption encoder, you will need to configure the unit’s audio settings in order to determine what audio to send to iCap captioners (including Lexi).

Locating the Audio Settings

On rack-mount encoders like the AV650, HD492, EN537, and AV610, the iCap audio settings can be found in the Audio Setup menu of the unit’s front-panel LCD menu. On openGear frame card encoders like the HD1492 and HD1430, these settings can be found in DashBoard, under the Audio tab.

Input Select

Rack-mount encoders support three audio sources: Embedded (default), Analog, and AES Digital. When Embedded is selected, iCap audio will be derived from the unit’s primary SDI video input. If Analog or AES Digital is selected, audio will be obtained from the XLR (or mini XLR) connector input on the rear panel of the unit. openGear encoders only support the Embedded option.

Please note that EEG encoders do not support direct input of Dolby® E or other compressed audio signals.

iCap Audio Programs

The iCap network and the iCap Windows client software support sending up to six audio programs simultaneously from each encoder, labeled “Prog 0” through “Prog 5” in the iCap Windows client. However, depending on the model and software version of your encoder, you will be able to send between one and four programs to iCap captioners.

In order to be able to send more than one iCap audio program from your encoder, you will need a HD492 with software build 4.0.5 or newer, or an AV650 with software build 1.1.0 or newer. On these units, the Audio Setup menu will include submenus “Program 0” through “Program 3”. Also, please note that the "Audio Program Count" setting on the iCap page of your encoder's web portal must be set to the number of programs you would like to use.

All other EEG encoders support sending one audio program to iCap captioners, corresponding to Program 0 in iCap.

Audio Mix, Audio Group, Stereo Channel, and Mono Channel

Please note that all of these options apply to the Embedded audio mode only.

All iCap programs are sent to captioners as mono audio. iCap Program 0 supports Stereo, Surround, and Mono mix options. In Stereo mode, Program 0 will consist of a mix of the two channels dictated by the Audio Group and Stereo Channel settings. In Surround mode, Program 0 will consist of a mix of channels 1, 2, and 3 of the group dictated by the Audio Group setting. In Mono mode, Program 0 will consist of the channel dictated by the Audio Group and Mono Channel settings.

The Audio Mix and Stereo Channel settings apply to iCap Program 0 only; all other programs are mono-only.

Scale Audio

The loudness of each iCap audio program can be increased or decreased by 6 dB or 12 dB, using the Scale Audio option for the respective program. Please note that this setting does not modify the audio embedded in the SDI output of the encoder.

Peak Level

For each audio program, the Peak Level displays a live view of the amplitude of iCap audio on that program. Please make sure to keep the audio from clipping, using the Scale Audio setting if necessary.