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EEG Rentals

Last Updated April 6, 2016

Need captioning on a moment’s notice? Event producers, live venues, and mobile broadcasters can equip themselves quickly and easily with EEG Rentals.

Renting the industry standard in encoders and decoders -- for closed and open captions -- is fast, affordable, and fully supported when you work directly with EEG.

EEG Rentals supplies you with factory-certified, pre-configured equipment, ready for immediate use. Now there’s no need to stress when ADA and Section 508 compliance needs arise, because our gear keeps your production streamlined: EEG solutions can simultaneously provide open captioned service for display at venue, and closed caption encoding for broadcast, or Web streaming.

With gear from EEG Rentals onsite, you have workflow options: We make it a snap to support connections from a local captioner, or enable remote captioning using Internet or telephone connections. EEG’s iCap – our pioneering Secure Realtime IP Captioning System -- supports audio delivery and caption feedback to a remote captioner via your Internet connection, with no fixed IP addresses required. iCap is ideal for locations where telephone lines are not readily available, and is supported by thousands of professional real-time captioners and agencies.

Best of all, you are fully supported every step of the way – whether your need is for one day or 100. With EEG Rentals, our highly experienced staff provides expert consultation on closed caption and open caption needs.

Download a sample rental agreement below, or call us today at 516-293-7472.