EEG Video Webinars

EEG Webinars provide an opportunity for our customers to learn about new products, get more out of their existing product investments, and to hear directly from product designers and other experts. Most events feature a 30-minute presentation, followed by an opportunity to explore audience questions.

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We don't have any upcoming webinars scheduled right now.

11/19 - Captioning Live Streaming Video with EEG Falcon Software

Live closed captioning for streaming video events just got easier and more affordable with the introduction of EEG's Falcon system.

Falcon is a cloud software service that accepts transcription data from an iCap captioner on a unique event access code, and creates live web captioning for streaming video products and services including YouTube Live Events, Wowza Streaming Engine, VideoLinq, and UVault.

Falcon is billed on a flexible, hourly usage rental model which means that in most cases, no upfront investment in equipment or software is required to get started with your events.

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6/25 - Using Scribe for Caption Editing

An introduction to Scribe with a step by step look into:

• Scribe Feature Overview
• Initial Transcript Creation
• Rapid editing using shortcuts and accessories
• Timing and Placement optimization
• Integration with Courier Workflow Management 

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6/9 - Using Courier for Caption Transcription Workflow Management

An introduction to the Courier workflow and EEG Cloud with a step-by-step look into five critical functions:

  • Profile creation and user management
  • Uploading content and the Courier windows App
  • Monitoring job activity and notifications
  • Courier integration with Scribe Editor for caption creation
  • Courier integration with CCPlay FilePro for stitching captions to your master video files

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