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LEXI 3.0 is HERE: The World’s Leading AI-Powered Captions


The world’s leading Ai-powered captions. Talk to us about a LEXI 3.0 Trial today. Get ready to experience the future of captioning with LEXI 3.0 - the most advanced and accurate automatic captioning on the market! With brand new features and cutting-edge improvements, LEXI 3.0 is a must. 

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Caption with the HD492 iCap Encoder

This broadcast standard caption encoder supports iCap™ right out of the box. Authorize your caption service provider on the iCap Admin website, and then plug and play! Captioners receive encrypted audio directly from your program, and return low-latency text for feature-rich closed captions and subtitles.

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Add Captions to Your Zoom Meeting

With Falcon, you can get live closed captioning on your Zoom calls in just a few easy steps! Integrate Falcon with Zoom and start captioning your virtual meetings today.

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