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Falcon: Closed Captioning for Live Stream Videos

Cloud-Hosted Closed Caption Embedding
for Live Streaming Video Workflows

Compatible with Most Streaming Services

Falcon is compatible with Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Twitch, UStream, Wowza Streaming Engine and Streaming Cloud, LiveStream Enterprise, Videolinq, and more.

Affordable and Hardware-Free

Falcon is an affordable cloud-based service that takes the place of hardware encoders that are out of the price range for many streaming productions.

Powered by iCap

Falcon operates on the same iCap network that a majority of US TV networks trust for captioning live content daily, with thousands of transcription providers plus automated captioning options.

Add Captions to Any Live Stream

Captioning your live stream just got easier and more affordable. Simply provide your streaming destination to Falcon, change the upload URL in your streaming encoder, provide the unique access code to a captioner, and watch the captions roll in!
Our cloud-based approach is an easy-to-use and budget friendly alternative to SDI video hardware caption encoding for streaming productions, that can embed captions directly into RTMP streams or upload them as HTTP.

Falcon is the perfect solution for:

  • Education & E-learning
  • Government & Corporate Meetings
  • Entertainment & Events
  • Independent Productions
  • Caption Service Providers Looking to Offer a New Service

How Falcon Works